Product Teams

New Tech Business School specializes in elevating the skills of product managers to reach their full potential. Through hands-on training and real-world examples, we equip product organizations with the knowledge and expertise they need to drive success.

Product managers need skills for the 2020s.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Harness the power of data to make informed choices, optimizing product performance and user satisfaction.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Bridge the gap between departments, unifying teams with diverse expertise to create cohesive, groundbreaking products.

Agile Adaptability

Embrace change and navigate uncertainty, steering your product through the evolving digital landscape with ease and finesse.

"Paul Canetti is the 'founding father' of the product management program at Columbia Business School."

Kinshuk Jerath

Chair of the Marketing Division Columbia Business School

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Topics that matter.

Product Strategy

Unleash innovative solutions, aligning customer and business needs. Drive growth and competitive advantage.

Product Management

Master the art of orchestrating resources, prioritizing features, and balancing stakeholder expectations.

User Experience

Design engaging and intuitive experiences that delight users by leveraging user-centric methodologies.

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AI Strategy Workshop

Product teams need to learn about the latest advancements in generative AI like GPT-4 and how to harness their potential to transform your organization's growth and innovation.

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