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Our Founder Paul Canetti

Paul Canetti is an educator, entrepreneur, and futurist who is passionate about the intersection of technology and business.

He has trained thousands of executives at Fortune 500 companies, taught thousands more Ivy League MBA students, and has advised both tech and venture capital firms on product and marketing strategy.

Full Bio

As Founder and President of New Tech Business School, a revolutionary executive education company, Paul leads a team of highly credentialed instructors and coaches in providing corporate training and strategic consulting. His clients have included Verizon, American Express, TikTok, Indeed, L'Oréal, IBM, General Electric, Citigroup, and more.

Canetti is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia Business School, where he is known as the "founding father" of the product management curriculum and a pioneer in the marketing department of the MBA program since 2016. He lectures on product and marketing strategy, user experience, customer experience, and emerging technologies like the metaverse, web3, and AI.

Paul has taught with many other executive education providers over the last decade including General Assembly, Emeritus, and Columbia Business School Executive Education for executive teams at AXA, Walmart, and Unilever, all over the world including Switzerland, India, and Japan.

Paul serves as the CEO and Co-Founder of Skej, a new AI scheduling assistant company whose mission is to solve the back-and-forth of scheduling meetings using advanced AI.

Previously, Paul served as CEO and Co-Founder of MAZ, a video distribution and e-commerce platform used by Forbes, Bloomberg, and Condé Nast. Paul was named as one of Inc. Magazine's "30 Under 30 Coolest Young Entrepreneurs". MAZ was listed as one of Entrepreneur Magazine's "Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America" and was acquired by Providence Strategic Growth.

He also co-founded Bounce House, an e-commerce platform for local service businesses, which was acquired by ClickEasy.com.

As an investor, Canetti is a General Partner at Everlong Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm, and serves on the Strategic Advisory Board of Riverside Acceleration Capital, a global VC firm with over $12 billion in assets under management. He is also a limited partner in multiple VC funds, an angel investor, and a startup advisor.

In addition, Paul hosts the podcast Tech News for MBAs, writes two newsletters called Product Tips and Hypothetically Great, and is the author of the upcoming book After the Smartphone: A Business Guide to Augmented Reality. He has been featured as an industry expert and has written for Bloomberg News, TechCrunch, Fast Company, The Information, and Insider.

Fun fact: Paul once sang in a band that was featured on MTV.

Learn more about Paul's work at his website paulcanetti.org

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